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In recent years, with the increasing demand for energy and the rapid development of renewable energy, energy storage technology has become one of the important means to solve the instability of energy supply. In this field, lithium battery energy storage system has become one of the most concerned technologies with its advantages of high energy density, long life and environmental protection. In order to meet market demand, Mr. Lin led a team of young cadres to develop and promote integrated solutions for lithium battery energy storage systems.

As a company focused on energy storage, we understand the importance of integrated solutions for lithium battery energy storage systems. Traditional energy storage systems are often composed of various independent components, such as battery packs, inverters, control systems, etc., and the coordination and integration between these components requires a lot of time and effort. The all-in-one solution integrates the various components to form a complete system, simplifies the installation and maintenance process, and improves the overall performance and reliability of the system.

In order to achieve this goal, the team led by Mr. Lin actively explores and develops new technologies and solutions. We pay attention to technological innovation and R&D investment, and cooperate with a number of well-known enterprises and research institutions to jointly overcome technical problems. Through continuous experiments and tests, we have successfully developed a series of high-performance lithium battery energy storage systems and applied them to different fields, such as home energy storage, commercial energy storage and industrial energy storage.

In addition to technical innovation, the team also focuses on the personalization and customization of solutions. We have a deep understanding of our customers' needs and pain points, and provide tailored solutions according to different application scenarios and power needs. Whether it is a home user or a large industrial enterprise, we can provide the best energy storage system for them, and help them save energy and improve efficiency.

In terms of marketing, the team led by Mr. Lin has also done a lot of work. We actively participate in various exhibitions and conferences to showcase our products and solutions. Through in-depth communication and cooperation with customers, we continue to optimize and improve products and improve user satisfaction. At the same time, we also work with local governments and energy companies to promote the application and promotion of energy storage technology to contribute to society and the environment.

Looking back, we have achieved a series of achievements and honors. Our lithium battery energy storage systems have received a number of patents and certifications, and enjoy a high reputation in the market. Our solutions have been successfully applied in several projects, resulting in significant energy and cost savings for our customers. These achievements cannot be achieved without the joint efforts and dedication of Lin's leadership and team members.

Looking ahead, we will continue to adhere to technological innovation and personalized solutions, and constantly improve the quality of products and services. We will continue to work closely with our partners and customers to advance the development and application of energy storage technologies. We believe that through our efforts and dedication, lithium battery energy storage systems will bring more opportunities and challenges to the energy industry, and bring more benefits to society and the environment.

2023 IEAE Guangzhou Electronics Show

Booth No.: 5H16, (April 12-14th )

Portable lithium-ion battery energy storage power supply standard officially released

SJ/T 11893-2023 "Technical Specification for Portable Lithium ion Battery Energy Storage Power Supply" specifies the appearance and identification, electrical performance, safety, environmental adaptability, etc., of portable lithium ion battery energy storage power supply (outdoor power supply), including power supply adaptability, output voltage, material flame retardant, stress relief, etc. The formulation of the standard effectively solves the problem of market confusion caused by the lack of uniform specifications for product performance and quality; It plays a certain guiding role in the performance design of portable energy storage power supply, standardizing product production and improving product performance. At the same time, it can also be used as the basis for relevant government departments to carry out product certification and market supervision, improve the quality of portable energy storage power supplies, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

This document was drafted by:

China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization

ShenZhen Intelligent Energy Co., LTD


Energy storage Battery Exhibition EES in Munich, Germany, June 2023

Booth No. : B0.350I (June 14-16th,2023)

The 8th World Battery Industry Expo

WBE 2023 World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo

Booth No.: D541, (Aug.,08-10th )

2023  The 134th CANTON FAIR

Booth No.: Hall 8.1, H15-16, (Oct.,15-19th )

2023 Hong Kong Global Sources Fair

Booth No.: Asia World-Expo 2B02, (Oct.,18-21th )

High precision high yield High quality - Customize your fully automatic industrial and commercial power storage equipment production line

We are pleased to announce that our production line of fully automated industrial and commercial storage equipment has been successfully completed and has achieved significant breakthroughs in precision, capacity and quality. As a company focused on the manufacturing of electrical storage equipment, we are committed to providing customers with the most advanced technology and the best quality products.

Over the past few months, our team has continuously worked to develop and improve to meet the market demand for efficient, high-quality, high-capacity equipment. After repeated testing and verification, our fully automatic industrial and commercial power storage equipment production line has reached the industry leading level, providing customers with higher production efficiency and more reliable product quality.

  • First, our fully automated equipment has made great progress in terms of accuracy. By introducing advanced sensors and control systems, we are able to achieve more precise operation and more accurate data reading. This will greatly reduce the error rate in the production process and improve the consistency and stability of the product.
  • Secondly, our capacity has also been greatly increased. By optimizing the structure and process flow of our equipment, we are able to produce more products in the same time to meet the needs of our customers for large orders. This will make your production line more competitive and increase your market share.
  • Most importantly, we guarantee the quality of our products. We always adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials and components, and in strict accordance with international standards for production and testing. Our products go through a strict quality control process to ensure that every detail meets customer requirements. You can use our equipment with confidence to achieve superior performance and reliability, whether in industrial production or commercial operations.

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we offer exclusive custom design solutions. Regardless of the size of your production, we can tailor the most suitable for your fully automatic industrial and commercial storage equipment production line according to your requirements. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand your needs and provide the best solution to ensure value for money on your investment.

Please feel free to contact our sales team if you are interested or have any questions about our fully automated industrial and commercial storage line. We will be happy to provide you with more information and arrange for professionals to communicate with you further to help you achieve the upgrade and optimization of your production line.

Look forward to working with you to create a better future together!

Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Indonesia Jakarta 2024

Dear customers and partners:

We cordially invite you to attend the Indonesia Energy Storage Exhibition to be held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia from March 6 to 8, 2024(Solartech Indonesia2024)。

Indonesia Energy Storage Exhibition is the largest professional battery and energy storage application exhibition in Indonesia, showing a variety of products, materials and services such as batteries, energy storage batteries, raw materials, components and smart chargers. The exhibition is also a platform for communication and cooperation in the battery industry, bringing together battery manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and technicians from all over the world.

Shenzhen Intelligent Energy Solution Co.,LIMITED is a professional engaged in battery energy storage technology research and development, production and sales of enterprises, with a number of international leading patents and technologies, for all walks of life to provide efficient, safe and environmentally friendly battery energy storage solutions. Our products are widely used in wind power generation, solar power generation, electric vehicles, smart home, emergency lighting and other fields, and have been praised and trusted by customers.

At this exhibition, we will showcase our latest products and technologies, including:

  • High-performance lithium-ion batteries with high energy density, high power density, long cycle life, low self-discharge, and high safety are suitable for a variety of power and energy storage applications.
  • Intelligent battery management system V600 can monitor, control and optimize the working state of the battery in real time, improve the performance and life of the battery, and ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.
  • Portable high-power outdoor energy storage F3600, the use of pull rod shell design, built-in high-quality lithium-ion battery, not only for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices to provide fast and stable charging, but also support EV high-power charging needs, is an essential travel tool.

Our booth number is A1D4-02.A1D4-04, located in the prominent position of the exhibition hall, you are welcome to visit and consult. Our staff will provide you with professional and enthusiastic service, share with you the advantages and characteristics of our products and technologies, and provide you with the most suitable battery energy storage solution for you.

We look forward to meeting you at the Indonesia Energy Storage Exhibition and establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you to jointly promote the development and progress of the battery energy storage industry.

thank you!

Shenzhen Intelligent Energy Solution Co.,LIMITED

2024 We Started Work

Today is the first working day of ShenZhen intelligent energy solution Co.,Ltd 2024, and it is also the beginning of our New Year. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and blessings to you all for your contribution to the development of the company in the past year. I wish you all a smooth work, happy life and good health in the New Year!

The past year has been an important journey for our company. While facing various challenges such as epidemic, market and competition, we have also achieved good results. Our products and services have been recognized and praised by customers, our brand and influence have been promoted and expanded, and our team and culture have been condensed and optimized. Behind these achievements, is everyone's hard work and solidarity, is everyone's innovative thinking and professional ability, is everyone's professionalism and dedication attitude. We are proud and proud to have such an excellent team!

The New Year is a new starting point for our company, we will face more opportunities and challenges, we will continue to adhere to the customer as the center, quality as the fundamental, innovation as the driving force, collaboration as the basis, to achieve our vision and mission and work hard. I hope you can maintain a positive attitude, constantly improve your ability, actively participate in the company's activities, take the initiative to communicate and collaborate, and jointly solve problems, create value and share results.

Finally, once again, we wish you a happy New Year, a good start, and all the best!