The 2024 Munich Smart Energy Expo ended perfectly.

We are pleased to announce that Shenzhen Intelligent Energy Solution Co.,Limited participation in the 2024 European Smart Energy Exhibition has been a great success!

This year's exhibition attracted over 3,000 companies from 55 countries and regions, with nearly 1,000 Chinese exhibitors, making China the largest participating country for the first time. Chinese companies showcased their innovative products and technologies in the fields of solar power and energy storage to global customers.

With the global market demanding higher reliability and applicability of new energy applications under zero-carbon goals, energy storage plays a crucial role in building new energy systems and is a key technology in the implementation of zero-carbon goals. As a long-time ODM/OEM manufacturer in China, we have seen the significant advantages of Chinese solar power and energy storage industries in technological innovation, cost control, and value chain integration, making a great contribution to the global energy transition.

At this year's exhibition in Munich, Germany, our booth may not have been large, but our new products, the V800 self-installation balcony solar panel and the H2400 grid-connected portable energy storage, attracted a lot of attention from visitors and industry peers. Throughout the exhibition, our booth was constantly visited by people inquiring about and showing interest in our products. Many were particularly impressed by the V800's small size, multifunctionality, and easy self-installation. Our staff were on hand to answer questions and felt the enthusiasm for energy storage products from the attendees.

With the development of new energy sources, we have noticed a growing interest in energy storage technology from visitors and industry peers. Our products not only meet people's needs but also contribute to environmental conservation, which has always been our goal. On the last day of the exhibition, our booth was crowded with people waiting to purchase our display samples. Our staff worked tirelessly to meet everyone's needs, and we were delighted and satisfied to see our samples being sold out.

Through this exhibition, we have not only introduced more people to our products but also raised awareness about the importance of energy storage technology. We will continue to strive to provide customers with higher quality products and services and make a greater contribution to environmental conservation.