Smart String Residential Energy Storage System

Intelligent string home energy storage system highly integrates PCS, EMS, and modular energy storage batteries. It has a large capacity of 100-500Ah, high cycle life, and long service life. It has the industry's highest 5-level battery safety protection. It has multiple power sources, ensuring worry-free power consumption. It has an IP65 protection level, making it fearless in harsh environments.

AC Output (Grid Side)
  • Rated Output Power:10KW
  • Rated Grid Voltage:3/N/PE,380V/400V
  • Rated Grid Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
  • Output Power Factor (PF):>0.99
  • Switching Time of On Grid/Off Grid:<10ms
AC Input (Grid Side)
  • Maximum Input Power:15KW(MAX)
  • Rated Grid Voltage:3/N/PE,380V/400V
  • Rated Grid Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
PV Input
  • Maximum Allowed Input Power:10KW
  • Maximum Input Voltage:1000VDC
  • Starting Voltage:160V
  • MPPT Voltage Range:200-850V
  • PV Maximum Charging Efficiency:98.4%
  • Number of Battery Modules:1~5(Optional)
  • Battery Power:5.12~25.6kwh
  • Battery Capacity:100~500Ah
  • Rated Voltage:51.2V
  • Cell Type:LiFePO4
  • Working Voltage:400VDC
  • Working Voltage Range:350~435VDC
  • Maximum Battery Charge/Discharge Efficiency:97.5%
General Parameters
  • Communication Port:CAN/RS485
  • Charging Temperature Range:0~55℃
  • Discharging Temperature Range:-20~60℃
  • Operating Ambient Humidity:MAX 90%RH
  • Storage Ambient Temperature:-20℃~50℃(15℃~25℃ Will Be Best)
  • Battery Cycle Life:>6000 time(80% Capacity Retention)
  • Display:SOC Status Indicator
  • IP Rating: IP53
  • Inverter Size: L*W*H(mm):600*500*230
  • Battery Size: L*W*H(mm): 654*195*1080(Depend On The Number of Modules)
  • Cooling Method:Natural Cooling
  • Installation:Floor-mounted, Wall-mounted
Product Specification
* This product power supply can power your equipment in the temperature range of -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature exceeds the above range, the product may not work