Stacked Storage Battery Pack

Wall-mounted lithium iron phosphate battery pack, suitable for home energy storage, computer room, base station, and office and other indoor use of photovoltaic inverters, UPS and other products. 


  • Battery module:1/2/3/4/5
  • Energy capacity of battery:5.12kWh/10.24kWh/15.36kWh /20.48kWh /25.6kWh
  • Battery capacity:100AH/200AH/300AH/400AH/500AH
  • Suttle:46kg/89kg/132kg/175kg/218kg
  • Size LxWxH(mm):509*350*270/509*350*490/509*350*710/509*350*930/509*350*1150
  • Cell type:LiFePO4
  • Rated battery voltage:51. 2V
  • Maximum charging voltage:58. 4V
  • End-off voltage:40 V
  • Maximum charging current:100 A
  • Continuous discharge current:100A (single module), 120A (more than 2 modules)
  • Maximum discharge current:200 A
  • Charging temperature range:0~55°C
  • Discharge temperature range:-20~60°C
  • Ambient humidity:MAX 90%RH
  • Storage ambient temperature:-20°C~50°C(15°C~25°C best)
  • Cycle life:> 4000 times(80% capacity retention ratio)
  • Communication interface:RS485,RS 232,CAN
Product Specification
* This product power supply can power your equipment in the temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature exceeds the above range, the product may not work