Wall-Mounted Home Energy Storage System

Multi-functional lithium battery energy storage system, compact interior design, it integrates DC/AC inverter, MPPT solar charging controller, Features such as lithium-ion battery pack and energy management, and UPS uninterruptible power supply, and an information rich LCD display for users to set some parameters And view the system running information


  • Energy capacity of battery:5kWh
  • Battery capacity:100AH
  • Cell type:LiFePO4
  • Rated battery voltage:51.2V
AC output
  • Output rating:5000VA/5000W
  • Output waveform:pure sine wave
  • Output voltage:230Vac
  • Output frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
  • Maximum efficiency:93%
  • Overload protection:10s@(100%~140%) ;5s@(140%~150%)
AC input
  • Rated input voltage:230Vac
  • Input voltage waveform:Sine wave (mains or generator)
  • Input voltage range:170Vac~280Vac(UPS);90Vac-280Vac(APL)
  • Incoming frequency:50Hz/ 60Hz (Automatic detection)
  • Input frequency range:40Hz ~ 65Hz
  • UPS switching:Typical value 10ms; Max. 20ms
  • AC Maximum charging current:80A(Battery terminal)
PV input
  • PV maximum current:18A
  • MPPT maximum power tracking:YES
  • Solar charging starting voltage:150V
  • MPPT voltage range:60V-500V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage of photovoltaic:500V
  • Maximum photovoltaic charging current:100A
Other Parameters
  • Communication interface:RS232
  • Charging temperature range:0~55°C
  • Discharge temperature range:-20~60°C
  • Ambient humidity:MAX 90%RH
  • Storage ambient temperature:-20°C~50°C(15°C~25°C best)
  • Battery cycle life:> 4000 times(80% capacity retention ratio)
  • Service life:Ten years
  • IP code:IP21
  • Suttle:58kg
  • Size LxWxH(mm):799*523*173
  • Product certification:IEC、CE、ROHS、UN38.3、Eu battery directive
Product Specification
* This product power supply can power your equipment in the temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature exceeds the above range, the product may not work