14.4kWh Home ESS

This BMS is designed for household energy storage, can be adapted to the market mainstream inverter, using LiFePO4 battery cell, equipped with high-performance battery management system, to ensure the user experience while ensuring the safety of household electricity, and support parallel use.

Battery Index
  • Rated Voltage:51.2V
  • Rated Capacity:280Ah
  • Rated Energy:14.33kWh
  • Voltage Window:44.8~53.6V
  • Rated Charge Current:50A
  • Max. Charge Current:100A
  • Rated Discharge Current:50A
  • Max. Discharge Current:100A
  • Max. Discharge DC Power:5kW
  • Operating Temperature:0 ~ 45°C (Charge ) -20℃ ~ 50℃(Discharge )
General Index
  • Recommended DOD:90%
  • Communication:CAN2.0 / RS485 / RS232
  • Cycle Life:>4000 (224Ah@25°C, 0.5C, 90%DOD)
  • IP Grade:IP20
  • Installation: Floor stand
  • Dimension:W500 x D208 x H830mm
  • Terminal Type:Quick plug connector
  • Weight:120 kg
  • Warranty:5 Years
  • State indicator:SOC and error status
  • Maximum Parallel Number:15
  • Communication Protocol :Deye/MUST/Growatt/Megarevo/INVT/ SRNE/Sacolar/SOFAR
Product Specification
* This product power supply can power your equipment in the temperature range of -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature exceeds the above range, the product may not work