Community Environmental Cooperation Program

In order to further fulfill its social responsibility, Intelligent Energy Group has recently launched a community environmental cooperation program. The program aims to promote environmental action through deep cooperation with local communities, raise residents' environmental awareness, and create a more livable and fresh community environment.

Activity Content:

Waste recycling and resource reuse: We will set up waste recycling sites in the community and organize waste recycling activities on a regular basis. Through sorting and recycling, we reduce the impact of waste on the environment and provide practical support for community residents to live green.

Environmental protection knowledge popularization: carry out environmental protection knowledge popularization lectures and interactive activities, and pass environmental protection knowledge to community residents in a lively and interesting way. Raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire more people to participate in environmental action.

Program Objectives:

Improve the environmental awareness of community residents and form a good atmosphere for building a green community.

Reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment through waste recycling and resource reuse.

Through the popularization of environmental protection knowledge, more environmental protection volunteers are trained to form sustainable community environmental protection cooperation.

This community environmental cooperation program is an extension of Intelligent Energy Group's social responsibility. By working together with the community, we hope to create a better and healthier living environment for community residents and build green dreams together.